Love generation

 Positive Footprint Housing® is a collaboration project including Chalmers, Riksbyggen, the University of Gothenburg and Johanneberg Sciencepark. The purpose is to develop an overall approach according sustainable housing and city development focusing on the human. The main importance of the project is social sustainability, energy efficiency and low environmental impact. By making “the love generation” we aim to accomplish these goals. 

The house leaves a low foot print in the slope making a minimum exploration of the nature. It also provides a new connection from Södra Guldheden to Mossen that is open and availiable for everyone during the day. By using a tower structure, and at the same time bringing it to its extreme the building will be something extraordinary but also fit in its context. The tower has a round shape so the solar panels can follow the sun around the building. It has a round core stuck to the ground and finish with a vertical farm, related to the structure of a tree. The globe on the top of the building is for all the citizens of Gothenburg to have a great view of their city and to get inspired by urban farming and selfsufficiency. In the night time it light up as a large lighthouse.

(In the facade of the base there are small holes for the wildly lively birdlife to nest in.)


Taking advantage of generational housing is an old phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years in all different kinds of societies. Cooperative rented apartment is something inbetween rented and owned apartment. The housing association owns the building and the apartments and the residents pay a deposition when they move in. When they move out they receive the deposition. Therefore you cannot gain money by selling the apartment but you can rent out pieces of your floor plan to others. It also assures that the residents maintain the building since they do not want to lose their deposition.

In order to make general apartments that could change overtime rooms are general in size and can be used for different purposes and are therefore more flexible. Since the need of sizes of apartments will change troughout time we have focused on making the dividing of the apartment by a sliding fireproof doors so no walls has to be build or torn down.

The meeting between the orthogonal rooms and the round shape, together with the circular movements within the symmetric plan structure, is something that we believe creates a spacial experience, which is pleasant and interesting to live in. There are many possible configurations and combinations of apartment seizes. It is possible to part four of the rooms from one into two and therefore you also get a variation in number of rooms/apartment.



STUDIO: Future Visions for Healthcare, Housing and Work

KURS: Housing Inventions

Josefin Karlsson, Benjamin Gillner

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