United floors

Östra Sjukhuset is facing big changes. The buildings need renovation and also to be adjusted to the future development of healthcare. By building a new operations house at Östra, there are possibilities to change the surrounding buildings and integrate them with the new one. The change of flows that the new building brings demands changes in the existing buildings to reach functional and efficient flows. By placing the new building in a central spot at the Östra-site it creates a unifying link between the central buildings of the hospital. The new building should give space for a high-tech operation environment with modern standard operation theaters connected to intensive care for children and for grown ups, research, sterile central and existing buildings.

In the hospital and the healthcare business – the patient is the main focus. Our focus as architect is to put the staff as the main focus group. In the end that means we are also puting the patient first. Good communication between patient and staff is the factor that above all is affecting how satisfied the patients are with their visit and the quality of the healthcare.

People have in all times been aware of the calming and empowering effects that nature have on us. Monasteries and historical hospitals were often placed on sites with close connection to the open green, forests and spectacular views. 

Today, we often choose to place spas and holiday houses in areas with nature features for the exact same reasons. Investigators have reported consistently that stress reducing or restorative benefits viewing nature are manifested as a constellation of positive emotional, psychological and physiological changes. This is highly important for patients and the relatives. If the relative can experience a beautiful courtyard garden, linger on a comfortable bench, and even smell the roses or lavender, the senses are heightened, and stress often subsides, at least for a while.


STUDIO: Future Visions for Healthcare, Housing and Work

KURS: Future visions for healthcare

Francois Massin

Johanna Tobisson - White arkitekter:
"På White har vi många som arbetar med just vårdbyggnader och en gång i månaden har vi en så kallad Vårdlunch. Då bjuder vi in föreläsare, äter lunch tillsammans och diskuterar. Vill ni komma och presentera?"

Helene Axberg - Västfastigheter:
"Vi blev ganska imponerade av ert mastersprojekt för Östra sjukhuset. 
Just nu jobbar vi med utvändig gestaltning, ett projekt som berör hela sjukhusets framtida utseende. 
Vi skall ha ett seminarium och undrar om ni kan berätta om ert projekt då?  Jag har valt ert eftersom det har en så tydlig ny vinkel på hur man skall bygga på sjukhuset..."